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On May 9th 1950, exactly five years after the end of the Second World War, Robert Schuman’s Discours de l’Horloge launched the project of a united Europe taking in Germany, on the basis of an economic cooperation.

By choosing Strasbourg as the seat of the European Parliament eight years later, the founding Fathers of the European Union sent a strong message to the international community.

Picking Strasbourg, a bicultural city which saw its nationality changed five times in less than 75 years because of human quarrels, was a way to tell the world, that, from that moment on, a civilization based on Peace and the Rule of Law would be the child of the French-German reconciliation.

50 years later, the European Union represents 27 Member States and almost 500 billions citizens.
The dream of "One Europe" is still being followed, on the path leading to Human Rights and Democracy.
Make a clear choice, sign this petition and ask for Strasbourg, where the heart of Europe is beating, to be the sole seat of the European Parliament.

Join us! Sign the "One City" petition !

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